Description and contents

Calybra is provided with a 4GB USB stick

smallmain smallmain

*Content of the USB stick’s folders *

smallmain Backup: contains the backup files

smallmain Calybra: contains the CalybraCenter application

smallmain Export: contains the files exported in .pdf and .csv

smallmain Sync: containes the reference database

smallmain SetupCalybraPC: contains the installation of Calybra Center

Calybra Center can be used by any Computer that has Windows® operating system. Before use, it is necessary to install the working prerequisites executing the Setup (setup.exe) inside the SetupCalybraPC folder.

Later, the application must be executed launching the CalybraCenter.exe programme there is inside the Calybra folder in the USB stick.

N.B. Application and data remain ONLY inside the USB stick.

Calybra Center

All functions executed by the Calybra Center software have a GREEN desktop background in order to be different from the BLUE desktop background of the scale.

The administrator must pay particular attention while executing the data restoration functions and the Software update.

When you insert the memory stick in Calybra’s USB port, the underlying screen will be displayed (Calybra Center main menu)


Press the button smallmain to perform the backup and create the .pdf and .csv files

Press the button smallmain to access the data import menu

Press the button smallmain to access the ingredients archive and the recipes

Press the button smallmain to consult the statistics of the USB data

Press the button smallmain to update the Software of Calybra

Press the button smallmain to exit

Save data

Pressing smallmain all archive will be saved in the USB stick: of the ingredients, of the recipes, of the preparations and Calybra’s configuration.

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