Create and delete recipes and ingredients book

From the main page of Calybra Box click on Recipes.


Create Recipes

Pressing create on the left will appear this display


Insert the ingredient and the batch and, if it is a sub recipes, press on the box "ingredient"

Clicking save the next screen "ingredients" will appear where you insert the components of the recipe writing them on the search bar and entering the relative information. They will appear in the table below so you do not forget any of them.


The recipe is completed by entering the rest of the information on the box at the top "recipe". Once selected in the Recipe box, the following screen will appear


The Access Level entry establishes the user hierarchy. You can enter a number (Ex: 0,1,2,3,4 ...) and in order of priority only users who have the same access level or higher will be able to see the recipe.

Tick the box "Imposed Nutritional Fact", (then save and reload the page), if you want to manually set the nutritional values. The other options are all calculated automatically except "Labeling Data" and "Preparation Method". Check the "Publish" box if you want to save the recipe in the ingredient book.

Check the Ignore weight loss in preparation option to ignore a weight loss during recipe preparation.

In the Weight Variation (%) field, the variation due to the ingredients that are incorporated / absorbed during preparation is taken into account. Example: if 1.2 kg of panettone is to be prepared, either we calibrate the ingredients to the exact extent (including any evaporation or absorption), or add a weight variation of 20% to the Default Weight of 1 kg of panettone.

To complete the operation, click Save

Delete Recipes

To delete a recipes select the highlighted box in orange action from where will appear a drop down list, choose the delete option and give one more confirm.


Ingredients Book

Checking the icon ingredients book will be downloaded a PDF where all the ingredients of a recipes will be shown later to the public.


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