Companies List

In the Companies List section you can manage your different companies that use the Calybra scale and the CalybraBox management software.

To enter "Companies List" section click on the button smallwindow, from the left sidebar menu that appears click on Company -> Companies List


A screen similar to the one above with list of companies you've already created will come out. To create a new company press Create Full. The following screen, with all the details to be entered, will appear


  • Company Name 1 enter the name of the company you are going to create.
  • Address1 enter the company's address.
  • City enter the city.
  • Email write a possible reference email address.
  • Pec write any certified mail address.
  • Phone 1 enter, if desired, a telephone number to be associated with the company.
  • Is Active tick the box if this company is currently in use and we want the system to identify it as such.

Click on Create New to save the changes and create the new company.

To add information or to modify the information already entered, in correspondence with the desired company, press the button smallwindow -> Edit. In the screen that will appear it will be possible to customize many more items than those completed during creation. To save any changes made, always press Save.

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