Switching on

Before switching on, make sure there isn't any weight on the plate of the scale to allow a correct zeroing of the weighing system.

Pushing the button there is on the lower part of the monitor, a blue LED will show Calybra is switched on.

Within one minute, after the switching on phase and the automatic zeroing, the underlying screen will be displayed


Calybra works as a normal scale with tare.

Press the button small to reset the weight

Press the button small to switch off Calybra

Press the button small to enter the main menu

Indication of weight’s stability: small Stable small Unstable

If the notice “Press 0” appears


it is necessary to press the button small to reset the weight.

If the starting window doesn’t appear


clear away any possible object from the plate, check if the 5 feet are correctly adjusted and start Calybra again.

If the notice “Press 0” continues, call the customer assistance.

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